Dating from birth crossword clue

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Dating from birth crossword clue

” comes from a 19th-century expression "quicker than s'cat", which meant "in a great hurry". The original phrase probably came from the words "hiss" and "cat". Verona vino : SOAVE Soave is a dry white wine produced in the area around the city of Verona in northeast Italy. Famously, William Shakespeare set three of his plays in Verona: “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” and “The Taming of the Shrew”. World leader who's a judo master : PUTIN Vladimir Putin became acting President of Russia at the very end of 1999 when Boris Yeltsin resigned. Extraterrestrial (ET) The girl band called TLC is from Atlanta, Georgia.The band’s name comes from the trio’s original members: In Italian, “cara” (darling) is word of “passione” (passion).Wabash is one of only three all-male liberal arts colleges left in the US.The other two are Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and Morehouse College in Georgia.

Today’s themed answers each with the name of a finger, in fact five DIGITS in all, and in order as we go from the top of the grid to the bottom: “Hexen” is a German word meaning “to practice witchcraft”.Constructed by: Mark Feldman Edited by: Rich Norris Quicklink to a complete list of today’s clues and answers Quicklink to comments Theme: Punny Swaps Each of today’s themed answers relates to a common, two-word phrase.The last word in that phrase has been replaced by a homophone, and then phrase’s word-order has been switched: Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Amar G.“Tibia” is the Roman name for a Greek flute and it is thought that the shin bone was given the same name because flutes were often fashioned out of the shin bones of animals.Zagreb is the capital city of the European Republic of Croatia.

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The film review TV show “At the Movies” has been around since 1988 in various forms with various hosts, most famously Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert.

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