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As you know after time 23.59 date will change to 21st June, you will select your journey day option as 'yesterday'.Yesterday (Time: 00.00 -23.59)----- This website may not work properly on few mobile phones. Just call *139# and follow on screen information to locate your train.So to track live position of this train on 20th June till time 23.59, you will fill 'Journey Day' option as 'today'.Suppose train becomes late and you are tracking the same train after 23.59.The Neo-Manueline façade dominates the northwest side of the square and is a Romantic recreation of the exuberant Manueline style, typical of early 16th century Portugal.* Registration → reservation is necessary, and all the participants must bring passport.The station was formerly known as Estação Central (Central Station) and that designation still appears in its façade.

The station was closed to rail services from 22 October 2004 until 12 February 2008 due to tunnel renewal work.

Thus, she met Joe 10 minutes earlier than she usually does (), so she meets him at .

Since Joe started walking at , he must have been walking for 50 minutes.

Every day, Joe arrives at the train station from work at 6pm. So she met Joe 10minutes earlier then she usually does.

His wife leaves home in her car to meet him there at exactly 6pm, and drives him home. (coming 10 returnig 10 = 20 minutes earlier) So she met him at and Joe walking 50 minutes from train station.

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