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Every day, people around the world enjoy the still-growing Internet phenomenon of chat rooms.

You do not need ICQ to access the server, and in fact, you cannot connect to this server directly using the ICQ software.-- How to Connect** m IRC, Pirch, or Ircle If you're using m IRC version 5.9 or earlier, choose ICQNet off the connection. Click OK, Select, OK** WOW's Java Chat and Web TV IRCs.These 'rooms' allow you to talk to anyone about anything at any time. Creations such as these take time to develop, but it wasn't that long ago that the idea of chat rooms were conceived, primarily due to the popularity of an online game.If you're a big video game lover, it's very likely that you have heard the term MUD used when discussing old-fashioned games.If you're using Pirch, you will need to add a new connection to Ir CQNet. ** Other Web TV IRCs While we can't offer official support for IRCs other than the one provided by WOW, you should be able to connect to our new server by changing the server information, provided the author has included that option.Step-by-step instructions are available at: If you're using Ircle, complete the following steps: Open Connections Window. The server information is: Server: net Port: 6667If you are unable to modify your IRC, please contact the author of the IRC for help.-- Help is available If you have any problems or questions, help is available in the Chat Server Connection Issues discussion on these boards, in #Womens Space and #Lesbian Space, or you can email [email protected] recommend you visit our chat help section on the WOW website if you need help changing or setting up your chat client. I hvave told others to do it that way too and they can't get in.......

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The MUD slowly started growing out of Trubshaw's friend group, and the popularity became astonishing.

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