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The Kerala police probing into an online sex racket in the state have stumbled upon evidence of women being trafficked to Bahrain.In the past one year, at least 60 women were apparently sent to the Gulf country and forced into sex trade.The dedication takes place in a Pottukattu ceremony which is similar in some ways to marriage.Originally, in addition to taking care of the temple and performing rituals, these women learned and practiced Sadir ( and other classical Indian artistic traditions and enjoyed a high social status as dance and music were essential part of temple worship.The rule has been imposed also to ensure that the students don't use their cellphones in private, which is forbidden in the college premises as well.The students are allowed to only use a common phone in the college on alternate days or once a week."The principal says we are closing rooms to secretly use mobile phones or because we are homosexuals," a fourth-year student told The News Minute.

Also read: 7 minor girls in Kerala orphanage raped for 2 months UNNECESSARILY FINESPrincipal Jessykutty is said to impose fines on students for being absent and growing their hair or nails.“There is a fixed deposit account that we have paid for NSA, but we don’t know where that money has gone," said a fourth year student."The principal imposes fines on us, for all kinds of reasons.For taking leave, for growing hair or nails, the reasons are different each time."Obviously frustrated, the students have come together to hold a strike against the principal, demanding her resignation.They occupied the highest positions in the king's army.India In an unusual incident, a 21-year-old woman was arrested and a 17-year-old boy was sent to juvenile home for having sexual intercourse. The two reportedly got upset after the families refused their demand to get married, considering the boy was still a minor.

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A group of students have been sitting in protest outside the college campus since last Friday.

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