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For special pur- .„ poses they are given out for a limited time. The first cruise was to Callao, Payta, and Guayaquil, May to August 1848. While at Callao, the Plover arrived on her way to Behring's Straits in search of the Franklin ex- pedition ; and more than a year later the Gorgon was sent to tow two other ships through the Straits of Magellan on the same errand, as it was not till the summer of 1850 that the news was confirmed of the loss of Sir J. At Callao, 1848, Admiral Hornby heard of the death of his eldest son, a captain in the Royal Engineers, which had occurred at Montreal the preceding April.

Borrowers should not use their library privileges for the benefit of other persons. PAGE Parentage and birth — Early traits — School-days at "Winwick and Plymouth — Choice of a profession . The Peruvian capital showed signs of having gone back a good deal during the late revolutions, though a H. A heavy blow this to the old Admiral ; but though clinging perhaps more than ever to his second son, Geoffrey, he at once sent him off to break the news to his mother, who, after the long voyage out, had preferred remaining at Valparaiso during the cool weather.

How embarrasing to have to explain this to his doctor! My wife's favourite is when she has full control of my body, my arms above my head and my legs in a grapevine, she has a couple of times forced my legs to wide apart so I have had to see a doctor twice.

The second time I came to my (female) doctor she asked me what I was doing to get injured the way I was. LUCKYWe had not been very "friendly" in the bedroom for several weeks.

In crowded urban areas these apps often locate multiple people within a mere few hundred feet!

The initial an- nouncement came as positive evi- dence that Muhlenberg College is prepared to assume even more re- sponsicility than it accepted in doubling its facilities to accommo- date 1200 students.

Although in a sense it makes Muhlenberg Co-Educational for the first time in its history, it is emphasized that in no way is Muhlenberg committing itself to the future program of co-educa- tion which has been under consid- eration for a number of years.

\ MUHLENBERG WEEKLY "Abreast of the Modern March of Journalism" M 4 C. LXVI Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa., September 27, 1946 No.

1 MULES FACE LAFAYETTE IN OPENER MULE CO-CAPTAINS JOHN SWEAT/LOCK * CARL REIMER Muhlenberg Tradition Goes; Women Allowed For Fall Term Before an academic convocation of more than 1200 Muhlenberg nts in the Gideon F.

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SIK GEOFFREY PHIPPS HOENBY "the bairn that is born on the sabbath-dat is wise, and loving, and bonny, and gay." V,'illur *: Bi» To settle the question, the Asia stood out close to Juan Fernandez; the French frigate, Poursuivante, took an inshore course.

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