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Who is john king cnn dating

She was part of the CNN team that won the Peabody Award in 2008 for its coverage of the 2008 election.Bash was recently promoted to the position of chief political correspondent in August, according to a press release from the network.Actually, John and Dana are both Republicans as are most of the reporters and anchors at CNN. She's also VERY long winded, she'll go on and on and it was funny to watch Anderson Cooper becoming visibly exasperated with her on some of her reports because she wouldn't wrap things up faster.Bash, who grew up in Montvale, New Jersey, had been married to Jeremy Bash, the Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.In an internal memo reported on by Politico, the network’s bosses praised Bash: Dana is one of the best examples of a true CNN success story.Her career is an extraordinary example of how hard work and great news instincts can take you almost anywhere in journalism.John King is CNN’s chief national correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics, a 30-minute Sunday morning program featuring a panel of the top-tier political correspondents.King also anchors Inside Politics segments weekday mornings on CNN’s New Day.

John King has been at the Magic Wall, and Dana Bash has been at the election precincts phoning in the results to him and Wolf Blitzer. " And then I heard John sobbing, with TODDLERS & TIARAS playing in the background. Maybe Dana was more interested in having a baby before her biological clock ran out than she is interested in John.During the 2010 election cycle, King moderated gubernatorial debates in Massachusetts and Florida.He was also a member of CNN’s 2008 Peabody Award-winning political team, when he broke news that Barack Obama had chosen Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate.The poster breaks it up in EVERY John King-Dana Bawh thread as if it is a gargantuan deal. She is still difficult to listen to in that her verbal skills are not particularly great.[quote]I don't see why he married Dana Bash if he didn't love her and if they were not compatible.Apparently, it's a gargantuan deal to this one poster.[quote]The way King sucks Mc Cain off, how could she not? Because marrying a Jewish woman and converting to her faith is a good way to get ahead in American media/show business.[quote]She is still difficult to listen to in that her verbal skills are not particularly great.

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